Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plastic Landscape No. 3 - Geof Kern

Photograph by Geof Kern

Plastic Landscape No. 2 - Steve Visneau

Photograph by Steve Visneau

"On my drive home from dropping off my child at dance class, something I do on a regular basis, I stopped 4 times within a 4 mile drive to photograph 4 plastic bags that had been discarded… entangled or lodged in places where the ugliness of the bag itself tampered with the beauty of our city. This was one random day, a twelve minute drive, done on a regular basis and with little effort what so ever, and without searching, I found 4 of these pollutants. I imagine that if I were able to count how many of these sites exist on the planet it would overwhelm my comprehension… such careless use of these plastic bags that in reality are horrible for transporting anything except pet excrement. The ban of plastic bags must happen. No exceptions. We have moved beyond the overuse of a useless, abundant, archaic way of transporting… And a side note to all those who work at, manage, or own a business who proliferate the distribution of plastic bags, 'No, I don't need a bag for my pack of gum!'" Steve Visneau

Plastic Landscape No. 1 - Trevor Paulhus

Photograph by Trevor Paulhus